MERCUSYS Powerline kit AV1000 Gigabit MP500


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  • Brzina prenosa od 1000 Mbps – brzi i stabilni prenosi sa naprednim HomePlug AV2
  • Super brza žičana veza preko kućne električne mreže
  • Gigabitni port pruža brzi internet za računare, IPTV i igraće konzole
  • Plug & Play – nije potrebno ožičenje i konfiguracija – jednostavno priključite
  • Lako proširenje – proširite pokrivenost jednostavnim dodavanjem dodatnih Powerline adaptera

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4K Streaming Mate
Enjoy an Extended Network Everywhere

AV1000 Gigabit Powerline Starter Kit


Same Electrical Circuit

Electrical WiringEthernet Cable

Where there’s an Outlet, There’s a Network.

The MP500 Kit transmits network data via existing electrical circuits, avoiding any negative influence obstacles have on the network. Enjoy a stable extended network with a transmission distance of up to 300 meters (on the same electrical circuit). Perfect for 4K streaming, online gaming, and graphics-intensive applications.

  •   300 meters Range
  •  No New Wires or Drilling
  •  1000 Mbps HomePlug AV2

1000 Mbps
High-Speed Powerline Transfer Rate

1000 Mbps
Ethernet Port

Dual Gigabit Transmission Fast. Unlimited. Enjoyable.

Equipped with advanced HomePlug AV2 technology, the maximum powerline transmission rate reaches a stunning 1000 Mbps—with a gigabit port that delivers a high-quality network through any one of your outlets.

Plug and Play

Immediately extend your network as soon as you connect one, without complex wiring and configuration. Simply connect an MP500 adapter to your router and plug another one into any outlet where you need wired internet service.

  • 1Connect the MP500 to the Router
  • 2Plug another one into the outlet and connect your device to it
  • 3Enjoy the extended network over your electrical circuit

Easy Expansion

If a typical two-pack kit doesn’t meet all your networking needs, simply add more Powerline adapters to expand your network to any room.




LED Indicator

Helps you know the work status of your Powerline adapter

Pair/Reset Button

Simply push the Pair button on the adapters and quickly set up a more secure Powerline network

Gigabit Port

Provides high-speed wired connections for PCs, IPTVs, and game consoles

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